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Copyright Writer, Content Editor, Graphic Design, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Project Consultation

About me

Name: O'Neil Greaves

Title: Project Manager


WhatsApp: 1(289)638-9934


I am a computer engineer by profession at ComSupport. I do computer repair and maintenance for local customers in Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas. Both MAC and PC with any particular problem can be repaired by me. My online activities are Image Background Removal, Object Removal and Content Engagement. I can also do Web Design, Graphic Design and Logo Design. If you have the need for any of my services, please feel free to contact me at the information provided. No appointment is necessary. All jobs are considered and reasonably priced. Ask for a Quote if necessary using the chat widget located on the bottom right of this page. 

Thank You!


Here are a few additional skills and services I offer to my customers.


As a copywriter, I can write you clear concise copy for your ads. Provide you with day-to-day marketing strategies and design websites catering to your particular niche. If you are struggling and wondering why, it's probably because of your copyright sales letters!


Send me your material(s) and I can provide you with exceptional editing tactics and corrections to boost your trust online. Your content is most important to you and I will treat it as such. Let me help you get the responses you need from the materials you are sending out.


Arguably the most critical part of any sales ad copy. Overlooking or missing out on simple details can cost you millions in the long run. I can proof read your work and find any flaws you or your team may have overlooked.


Here are projects I have put in place to help customers of mine experience financial freedom.

Internal Prosperity

There is a secret to financial freedom. Before one can achieve their utmost blessings, you must first rid yourself of all things holding you back. I first experienced this when I realized nothing was going well for me. I tried everything but nothing worked. Until I came across the truth, The Secret. It wasn't necessarily my fault. Today I live and enjoy a prosperous lifestyle. Which is why I share this opportunity with the rest of the world. But I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it!

Virus Resolution

Every computer should be protected and secured from unwanted threats. This project is used to protect your computer from all computer viruses known to this current date. Whether MAC or PC, let me teach you how to protect your computer and earn an income while doing it. This opportunity is available to everyone across the globe and should be considered especially if you are conducting business online. Protect your identity, protect your future and make money while doing it!